Axel and Peter in the shared kitchen of the hostel in Castlegregory (Ring of Dingle) Axel - beating the steep hill of Wycomb St. Pauls Kathedral in London Peter and Axel - Ballybunion 'Is it an octopus?' Sunset near Stonehenge First impressions after arriving Ireland Pass of Connor - looking at Dingle Peter the fearless biker! Peter the hardened (Beach of Ballybunion) Pass of Connor - looking at Castlegregory Thats Ireland!

distance (km) time (hh:mm:ss) ø-speed (km/h) max-speed (km/h)
162,06 7:53:49 20,52 56,0
108,93 5:31:23 19,72 59,7
36,62 2:19:14 15,78 56,0
139,94 7:32:53 18,53 57,1
124,96 6:42:24 18,63 47,2
50,41 3:03:12 16,51 34,0
74,16 4:40:38 15,85 41,2
84,71 4:44:45 17,85 56,6
91,31 4:48:11 19,01 55,2
132,99 6:51:46 19,37 56,0
117,34 5:33:32 21,10 48,5
16,47 1:28:29 11,17 31,7
5,4 0:44:31 7,79 18,0
This site is dedicated to the great sheeps of ireland!

Actually we wanted to spend our holidays in an english speaking country where we could cycle through nature which is worth seeing. New Zealand was too far away - so we decided to visit Ireland.

The journey started in our hometown Dresden (Germany) on august 10th. We went by plane to London Stansted (it was the cheapest solution) and cycled through the south of England (Stonehenge, Bristol) to Pembrocke Dock. Then we used the ferry to Rosslare (Ireland).

In Ireland we visited the beach in the south-east, the middlands (not worth seeing!), the tourist-town Gallway (Indiana Jones was there), Frank McCourts´s Limerick, the Rings of Dingle and Kerry and finally Cork.

The last three days we spent in London - you know: sightseeing.
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